Boing boing (you know, the site where I'm picking fights with Star Trek TNG veterans — more on that soon) gets the scoop on a disco club for toddlers (4 to 6 year olds). The velvet rope is in full force: the installation is at upscale Paris clothing shop Colette (makes Bergdorf look as un-hip as TJ Maxx), and only 10-12 kids are allowed by appointment only.

If you can make it in, though, this place has what must be the best
dance scene I've ever seen — to say nothing of the DJ dressed as a
panda (see the video on the project site). Older club kids, watch closely: these kids get it. Created by the crew at

Now, of course, CDM continues to cover installations for grownups, so here's your challenge: make us feel 4. Um, without drugs.