Won the lottery recently?

Digidesign is shipping its US$55,000 digital console for live sound, the Venue
— we've been seeing it since the fall, but now you can actually buy
one, provided you have the dough. The Venue is something of a departure
for Digi: it's not Pro Tools; while it supports TDM plugins software is
integrated with the console itself and a Pro Tools link is optional.
The price isn't entirely out of line, though, for what this is: a
top-flight all-digital workhorse with 96 mic ins and 27 (!) buses. The
whole package includes a console and a state I/O rack with mic pres,
plus a digital snake to connect them.

While this is way out of my league (and yours, I'll bet), the good news
here is that this could be a major splash into the world of digital for
live sound, which right now is still a nearly all-analog domain.