Congratulations to this year's Grammy Winners (listed at

It was a banner year for high-profile Mac users from Black Eyed Peas to
U2, and the iTunes Music Store is accordingly offering US$7.99 for the
winning albums. Digitally-created music wasn't left out, either;
traditional rockers dominated most categories but Basement Jaxx,
electronic winner, had plenty of nominations to their name. And there's
actually some good music among the winners, though watching Basement
Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, Scissor Sisters, and Kylie Minogue all get
beaten out by Britney Spears and Toxic is a little painful.

I was especially happy to see Maroon 5 win Best New Artist; it was a pleasure interviewing Jesse Carmichael for the January Keyboard Magazine cover story
which is now available online free. Jesse's a really smart and engaging
guy and had great things to say about music making, along with the
requisite tech talk (the Moog Voyager is among his favorite keys). Add
Jesse to Alicia Keys among big-winning Keyboard cover artists. (Kudos
to our bosses at Keyboard HQ in California!)

JBL Pro won the technical acheivement award this year. (Yes, flesh
beats out circuits for high-profile coverage, if you hadn't heard that