Once commercial software, a powerful audio/video editor is
now still supported, but at a new price of — nada. Our friends at Samplepoolz report that Arboretum has turned HyperEngine-AV into a free download. Better yet, the code is open source, so we could see some exciting developments with this program. (Programmers out there?)

HyperEngine-AV is a compositing application for text, video and audio.
As opposed to more rigid track-based programs, you can composite clips
wherever you want via a freeform interface. If you're in need of a
video editor and your budget is tight, this is a must-have, but there
are some good reasons to get it for audio, too. You can record or
import both video and audio, making HyperEngine an effective
multichannel audio editor. You have to pay for most of the audio effect
plugins, but a number of useful plugins from ring mod to hall reverb
are included free.

There are features missing — no standard VST/AU plugin support, for instance
— but this could be useful to many people, and it's really nice to see
software being released free with full tech support and an open-source codebase rather than being killed.
(Cough, Opcode/Gibson, cough!)

Download for Mac OS X. (11 MB)
OS X's built-in ZIP support doesn't work for me — try StuffIt Expander, which works fine. -PK