My friend Scott Shepard has a great lineup for this week's Inside Mac Radio Show. There's a  theme: think iPod + Mac mini + OS X = bigger Mac market share.

  • Apple's iPod Czar Stan Ng talks about the much-better battery
    life on last week's new iPod revision and how Apple plans total world
    domination (have to read between the lines for the latter)
  • Former PC guy David Coursey talks about why more are likely to switch from Windows to Mac — David's got a book on the subject from Peachpit Press — and how Apple plans world domination
  • Brad Gibson explains the new iPod pricing (even I'm confused, so
    thanks, Brad!) and how the iPod is inspiring switchers, allowing Apple
    to plan world domination

What? You thought Apple had become more interested in selling iPods
than selling Macs? Think again. First there's the earbuds, the warm,
fuzzy feeling associated with the Apple logo, all that time spent
looking at the Chicago typeface from the original Mac, minimalist
Ive-designed gadgets around, and then . . . it starts.

Think about it: iPod. As in Pod People. As in body snatchers, invasion of. Pretty
soon the whole planet is building strange physical modeling patches in
Sculpture on Logic Pro 7 running on their Power Mac G5 and Cinema

Wait . . . I may be projecting here.

But could expanded market share make my buddies over at Cakewalk reconsider the Windows-only status of their software?