NY1, a cable TV station here in Manhattan, has a segment
amusingly called 'The World Beyond New York.' Because the editor of CDM
recognizes that there is, apparently, a world beyond New York, we bring
you starting today events from around the Non-NYC world, such that it
is. Send us your info via the contact form, as usual! -PK

John Digweed is opening his compilation album launch party to the public, free; see details at residentadvisor.net. It's at AKA, so fret not: everyone will fit.

Digweed I'm guessing is not the cup of tea of all our readers,
so don't be a stranger: hit the comment form and tell us what upcoming
gigs you're looking forward to. Experimental digital harpsicord?
Circuit-bent laser guitar? Death metal? (Um, you know, laptop death metal?) And if anyone makes it to AKA, tell us about that, too.