What if you took an iPod, a drum pad / controller, and a
high-end VJ mixer, and put them together? You'd get something like the
new Korg Kaptivator. Here's what it does:

  • 40 GB hard drive for storing video clips
  • Two LCDs for watching what you're doing
  • Manipulate clips with an Akai sampler-style touchpad, cross-fader, ribbon controller
  • Built-in video effects
  • Live video and audio input
  • Video, audio, DV/FireWire, MIDI ins and outs, including separate preview video outputs

Details and pictures are on the Japanese-only site Pixdisc;
apparently this was shown at a dealer conference in Japan, so all
availability/specs/price are unknown. Stay tuned, because you can bet I
want to know when this thing comes out in the States! (via vjcentral)

Do any of our readers read Japanese? Contact me (or comment here) if so.

Updated: As a reader points out in comments, there's a lively discussion on vjcentral. (Flip straight to page two
for a fantastic lineup of Akai/Boss-style 4×4 drum pad triggers and . .
. ooh, sorry, my heart stopped beating. Ah, the MPC1000 . . .)