Just listening to music? Now that's a little dull. Kevin of prog-Celtic band The Nettles points us to the MadPlayer,
a handheld music toy that features an algorithmic music generator –
beat/groove generator, a mic/sampler, karaoke, and Internet access for
sharing or connecting to your Mac or PC. Some pros have even picked it up for on-the-bus grooving.

Kevin writes:

Love your blog.  Thanks to you I looked for and found a couple of NIB Beat Blenders
for a couple of bucks apiece at the local Goodwill. Goodwill is a
circuit bender's paradise these days:  many, many music toys.

Speaking of music toys, how come you haven't covered the MadPlayer yet?
It's a handheld PlayStation for digital music, generating tracks that
users can change on the fly. You can mix vocals and download your own
samples. Comes with a cheesy headset.  Price for it is all over
the map.  MSRP is $300, street price for the latest model is $150
but you can buy an earlier one NIB for $50 including shipping and then
download the latest firmware and software.  Most music fun I've
ever had for $50.  Reverse-engineering this puppy would be very
rewarding and I'd like to hear from anyone who does.

Gentleman, start your circuit benders.