There's nothing I hate more than wading through industry hype, so what a pleasant surprise that Shure microphones has some of the most useful mic info anywhere — minimal marketing included.

This week, Shure brings us "What DJs should know about microphones,"
a textbook-classic but friendly look at mics annotated by the Needelz
Brothers. Nice to see this geared at DJs, though there's good advice
for anyone (particularly doing electronic music in clubs).

Best moment: the Needelz share their favorite home vocal recording
trick, singing into a messy closet and using blankets to cover the
doors. Think they're nuts? Try it — I've found for simple vocal
recordings, while of course real acoustic treatments are preferable,
blankets and such placed around the mic location do actually work.
(Just don't try treating your studio with egg crates — doesn't work.)

Go join up for the Shure Notes mailing list for more gems like this. And yes, I love my SM57 (among others), thank you.