News flash: Apple isn't releasing a PowerBook G5 anytime
soon. A G5 laptop would be bulky, hot, and power-hungry. And ugly. Is
it possible? Yes. But it's going to be a while. A long while, like
probably 2006.

Sound eerily familiar? Only because CDM has been saying just that over
and over again, along with plenty of other sites, based on my extensive
research and knowledge of chip and enclosure engineering. In other
words, based on a) my complete ignorance, b) some common sense and c)
links I've read elsewhere.

Which brings us to today's story: has a superb 2-page expose of why you won't see a PowerBook G5
anytime soon, sort of like what I've said, but with all this
research-y, fact-y, people-quoted-who-know-what-they're-talking about
stuff thrown in. (Thanks for the link, Fran!) And like me,
surfs the Web: seems they read AppleMatters and Chris Holland.

But if all this is breaking your heart and running Logic on a new 17"
1.7GHz G4 PowerBook just doesn't appeal, let's see: 64-bit SONAR,
64-bit laptops, free tools for building your own effects and
instruments, exclusive software, better Ableton Live performance . . .
maybe it's time to switch to Windows, Mac users. If only you knew the
power of the Dark Side . . .

Okay, okay. Stop the flames. I don't mean it. I love both my Mac and my PC. I just wanted an excuse to run a Darth Tater photo.