Sometimes, it's so nice to put away the blog and read paper.

On the South by Southwest Interactive Festival
blog, my reading endorsements get to sit next to craiglist founder
Craig Newmark and Al Gore speechwriter Dan Pink, as well as my friends
Fran Preve (Keyboard) and Chris Breen (Playlist, Macworld). Check it
out — evolution and digital music.

I'll be talking more about DJ Spooky's book
soon, and have an interview lined up with him, too. Suffice to say, if
you're DJing, if you're working with samples, if you're interested in
the future of music and the digital society, this sensually-bound book
and CD set has some stimulating thoughts to share. Spooky is proof old
musical futurists like Wagner had nothing on the 21st Century.

"Today the voice you speak with may not be your own."