We were already stoked about ElectroKraft's Axe*Synth theremin/guitar invention and Space Box
effects unit, but new gear from ElectroKraft now features the actual
70s sound chip used in vintage 80s arcade game cabinets. Tony writes
us: "It produces those awesome sounds of the UFO and the approaching
aliens as well as other synth sounds . . . It also has a new type of
fretboard that contains metal sensors arranged like the frets on a
guitar." This is the same chip used in Space Invaders, Donkey Kong,
Pong, and Asteroids. The Axe*Synth is now the Space*Axe, reflecting the
new features, while the entirely-new Space*Synth is a self-contained

The Space*Synth
(US$189) works as a standalone synth or effects processor, with
standard 1/4" connections — you can even plug in a separate VCO in for
external input, to create ring modulation effects. It runs on 9V power
(external or battery).

The Space*Axe
is similar to the previous Axe*Synth — photocell theremin capabilities
and all — but the adjustable touch/pressure-sensitive sensor
'fretboard' should make playing a bit easier for guitarists. It also
features new VCO input. Amazingly, it's just $525, scoring just 0.065
on the new CDM Korg Oasys Economic Scale. (I'd rather have 15 Space*Axes + dinner than the Oasys, I think. Could start an orchestra.)

And both devices have the new vintage analog synth chip.

Tony says he's planning other new stuff; I'll bring you a hands-on and more details soon.

Immediate international availability pending stock.