Yes, I’m sure I’m late to the party on this one, but I couldn’t resist sharing. What’s better than a personality quiz in Cosmo Magazine? Almost anything. What’s better than a ‘what synth are you?’ quiz? Absolutely nothing.

korg triton

You are a Korg Triton

  • You have multi-sampled preset sounds ranging from opera to bongos and a fancy touch screen control panel

  • You are f’cking new school
  • Very modern and hi tech
  • You have to have the latest and best of everything
  • You think you are better than everyone [Ed: What do you mean, think? -PK]
  • You probably like house or trance or somthing like that [Ed: No, but I like Apple Logic Pro — basically the software DAW equivalent. -PK]

    what synthesizer are you?
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    Now, surely that couldn’t be me, could it?