I remember running into a top Apple music rep at Macworld. I said something involving the phrase "OS X transition."

"Can't we stop referring to it as a transition now?" said the Apple person.

I think at the time Digital Performer lacked AU support, Pro Tools
wasn't available, things were crashing, audio support was undocumented
and didn't work, and mysterious winged demons flew out of my PowerBook
every time I booted it up. And even that wasn't the point — I
explained to him that the bottom line was, the "transition" was an
individual thing, and it wasn't over until you finally had everything
on X that you had on 9, not only with new features you didn't have
before but with the old stuff you used to make music.

Now, of course, matters have been different for some time and OS X has made OS 9 look downright draconian for music. But for me, there was one application I missed.

That's it. It's over. I'm running MetaSynth Pro 4 native under OS X.
And if I pull up Classic or (god forbid!) boot into OS 9, it'll be just
like those times I pull out my Apple IIc.

So, on Friday, February 4, 2005, the transition ended for me. Now let's
hope Microsoft doesn't spoil everything with Windows and I can make
music for a while!