Fervent Software
is now shipping a US-localized version of its Studio-to-Go Linux CD
software, and has updated their Web site over the last month with more
information. (Runs on Mambo, just like CDM — interesting.)

The idea is this: load in a CD, boot up, and you have an entire studio
filled with Linux music software ready to run, on any PC. Mastering
tools, synths, drum machine, multitrack recording, notation, it's all
there — with zero configuration. You can even run Windows VSTs right
in Linux.

My own preference is to install straight to HD, which on my Toshiba
laptop went without a hitch. Now have Fervent running right alonside
Windows XP. Brilliant — and much-improved from my failed attempt to
get Mandrake running on my own. More on this soon, including an
interview I did with the creators.

Compatibility: Intel PC only
Cost: GBP 49.99