Video has come to blogging / media sharing, via vimeo — think flickr
for photos. (The name embeds the word 'me' in the word 'video' for word
geeks.) The most interesting feature is the service's ability to
combine video clips into a single stream. It's blog TV. You can't
upload yet as the site is in closed beta, but the full service is
coming "soon," says the site. (via Dave's Imaginary Sound Source)

So here's the big question: blogging software (like Movable Type) and even full-blown content management systems (like Mambo, which runs this site) are almost entirely focused on text. What about:

  • Audio content handling, for musicians wanting to share their work?
  • Integrated automatic streaming?
  • Full multimedia handling, for easy sharing and collaboration on sound and video?

CDM readers, you've come through for me before. Am I missing something?
Is anyone in the open source community working on this problem? The
applications for academia and artists are particularly exciting.