Circuit Bending: Reed Ghazala on Free Learning, Teaching

Circuit-bending, the art of creating new instruments from old ones by creatively 'damaging' them with what would normally be no-nos (like short circuiting them), is spreading. Noah Fleischman of Roil Noise wrote in to talk about the resources that had been helpful to him getting started, a letter CDM published February 5. Circuit bender Reed […]

Stanton’s Pretty New Turntables

Digital interfaces and such aside, the turntable is clearly here to stay — having outlived the casette tape, it now looks like it will outlive the CD, too! (Watch out, computers — you could be next.) With sales booming, isn't it time for a design that looks a little more, how shall we say, 21st […]

Peter Kirn - March 1, 2005

DJ Mixer Features iPod Connection

After Numark's introduction of a USB DJ mixer, I was immediately excited to read in the fine print that Stanton's added an 'iPod connection' to its "soon-to-be-shipping" RM.404 and 406 4-channel DJ mixers. These are the same mixers with very-cool red backlighting on knobs, via Stanton's Illumiknobs(TM) technology. Wow, the iPod thing really is happening. […]

Peter Kirn - March 1, 2005

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