Ableton Live 4.1, which now includes the demo of Operator, has 145 presets.

Yeah, whatever. Covert Operators Volume 1, a free download
available on the Ableton forum, can boost that to a full 400. The
Covert Operators team have powered up Ableton's brilliant FM/hybrid
synth with more drums, synths, FX, pads, rhythms, and more.

Still not happy? Okay, hard-to-please Ableton users, try on Covert Operators Volume 2, with 251 more Operator patches, plus 33 presets that combine effects and instruments, 2 lessons you can learn what the heck you're doing, and 1 demo song. It even works with a demo copy of Live.

You can't handle this many presets. (Okay, granted, neither can the Live preset menu, but that's a complaint for another day.)

Now stop reading this and get playing. (What's this "job" thing you keep talking to me about?)

PS — add this to the excellent Trackteam stuff and you'll REALLY have to quit the job thing.