I expect that I'll write this and someone will say, "Why, no,
that's simply copied from Joe's Big EQ, an effect written 5 years ago."
but for my money, Digidesign's new EQ III looks stunningly like the
MasterWorks EQ in MOTU Digital Performer 4.5. (Read my review of DP in Keyboard)

Let's back up for a moment: Digidesign users, you've got a powerful new EQ you can download for free. Go get it, enjoy; it looks like a really nice giveaway.

I'm sure the fact that it uses exactly the same color scheme and even
has the grid and lighting effects and knob layout as MOTU's EQ is entirely coincidental. (Your studio lighting always creates glare on your screen at exactly that angle, right?)

(If you think I'm crazy, I'll hear you out.)