Difficult as it may be for Americans to 'get', the Doctor Who
theme is one of the most significant electronic music pieces of all
time and a cultural icon to the Brits. So, why not mess with it?

  • whomix is a site entirely devoted to remixing the theme
  • The composer for the new show says he thinks the bridge sounds just like Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas"? (Um, far be it from me to split hairs, Murray, but wouldn't that be Band Aid sounds like Doctor Who, not the other way round?)
  • Bill Bailey
    has an infamous (and hilarious) sendup of the show's music, both the
    silly FM synth meanderings of the early 80s and an ingenious remake of
    the theme as Belgian jazz (Doctor Qui, which you may be able to via these comments)
  • The worst cover ever must be this one, as performed on kazoo.
  • BBC has its own Flash game where you can mix your own version of the theme song

There you have it. Nothing is sacred.