'Asteroid' / Q97 is the leaked Apple audio interface that has started a
firestorm over blogging, journalism, and privacy. A preliminary ruling
today declared that bloggers aren't protected as journalists, and can't
protect confidential sources (see BBC News) — potentially a major blow for online journalism and even traditional journalists using email, says the EFF.

Yes, there's a hidden image of Asteroid in GarageBand, but no, it's not what you think. As many others have already discovered (and you can try this for yourself) . . .

AppleInsider (original report),
MacMusic, and other sites reported that GarageBand 2 itself has
evidence of the infamous rumored Apple product. Right-click GarageBand
2, select 'Show Package Contents', then open Contents > Resources
> asteroid.tiff

Don't get too excited. Initially it's impossible to open the file, but
I noticed in the file header that it's a BinHex file — uunencode with OpenUp, and sure enough, you get (drum roll please –)

— an image of Asteroid, the video game. (See image — directly from GB 2.)

Looks like an Apple developer
having a laugh with a placeholder image. I like developers better than
corporate lawyers, for the record. Speaking of which — back to Apple
Logic Pro now.