The Nintendo DS is already a model for thinking creatively about handheld interaction, but a game slated for Japanese release called Electroplankton
looks to be the most creative yet. It's hard to say exactly what it is
— maybe just as confusing even if you do read Japanese — but it
appears to be an underwater musical game that finally expands beyond
the old 'Simon' model employed by games like Dance Dance Revolution.
Against an ever-present calm backdrop of rising bubbles drifts an
imagined landscape of imagined, smiling single-celled organisms and
protozoa, generating cheery, modal aleatoric music, as bouncing objects
on leaves produce notes and mic input (look at that spectral input in
one of the shots) and stylus perform simple, organic tasks.

And, of course, something involving the classic Mario theme.

What, you think I'm making this up? Go take a look.

Ah . . . soothing bubbles . . . like staring into a fish tank . . . (via joystiq)