Prolific plug-in virtuoso Urs Heckmann is bringing his Filterscape bundle (filter + EQ with dynamics + analog synth) to Windows; join in on the beta and Windows users get a special discount (US$89 instead of US$129) before 4/15. (thanks, kvraudio)

This is Urs' first outing on Windows, and he's pleased as punch: "I'm
very excited that we got things going so well on a platform that I
haven't worked on until a few weeks ago." Yes, ladies and gents, it's a
cross-platform world.

Mac users, if you haven't checked out Filterscape,
do it now — this is a fascinating combination of analog-filter-y music
makers! And unlike some of the filter banks in Logic (bless your heart,
oh former Emagic interface designers) I think I can actually follow the
routing scheme from the UI . . .