Finally — a boatload of free stuff arrives on a Friday so I
can alliterate my roundup. Simple pleasures. First, the Windows edition:

Free mono synth with lots of routing: Club CC4 has released their Ridiculously Red monophonic hybrid instrument, which has a Ridiculously Butt-ugly interface but "experimental semi-modular routing" and lots of routing and generators and stuff. (Samplepoolz
copies the specs, but you'll get the same basic idea.) Oh, and it's
supposed to be good not only at making basses and leads but drones and "pads with a sense of movement." I have no sense of movement, so that's a good thing. Next up:

Free Para EQ with pretty knobs: WWAYM
(pronounce: wuh wuh aaEEEEmm, I think) has launched a free VST
parametric EQ. The basics, but they got those polished-aluminum knobs
just right, instead of just copying MOTU.