Music is just getting head-y these days, at least at near near future.

Not satisfied with a single brain cap for making music (see earlier on CDM), James Fung at the University of Toronto has hooked up 48 people's EEG brain waves to the computer for some group biofeedback. (near near future story)

Then again, you could just hit someone's head.
(Well, virtual head in this case, though some of us have tried this
with real people, too!) It's called the drum|head (insert groans here).

Meanwhile, you're not giving up your favorite axe just yet, as indicated by the CDM favorite instrument poll.
What we've learned: you prefer keyboards and guitars to brain caps or
even just jamming with your laptop, and you LOVE voting multiple times
to skew poll results. (Speaking of which, that keyboard / guitar debate
is still quite close. Vote early, vote often.)