We've been saying for ages Apple needs to develop a music player for DJs. Jason O'Grady has been saying it for two years. Well, Apple, HP is likely to beat you to the punch:

The owners of the Playlist club
in London (which features a night for iPod DJs just like APT here in
NYC) alerted CDM to an exclusive interview with the team at HP
developing the DJammer handheld DJ device. Here's why it's going to
replace the iPod in clubs:

  • Mic input
  • Hold/scratch tracks, via sophisticated motion sensors
  • More than a DJ device: sounds like a motion-sensitive portable
    sampler; HP says it will be "the new electric guitar" — we'll see, but
    it does look like a real instrument
  • Streaming to other devices for collaboration
  • HP team wants an open interface

This sounds huge — if the device makes it to market. Let's hope the honchos at HP see the value of this research.

Read Playlist's full interview with HP.
HP DJammer research page