Native's soon-to-ship flagship sampler Kontakt 2
wowed audiences at its unveiling earlier this year, but some of its
features seemed a little too advanced to be of general appeal — how
many of us will really be creating surround-sound patches?

If you weren't sold then, Native Instruments is sweetening the deal with an insane collection of new samples:

  • Special version of Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Steinway D Grand, August Forester Concert Piano with 10 velocity layers
  • Sampled electric and acoustic guitars — the acoustic instrument came from a library of 3,500 guitar samples(!)
  • Church organs, including a 5.1 surround cathedral organ
  • Electric Pianos, including the Rhodes MK II from Elektrik Piano
  • Automatic Harp (arpeggiates, etc., automatically)
  • Tempo-synced loops from Zero-G and others
  • Vintage and digital synths
  • Percussion and drum kits, including some from Battery, acoustic and electric
  • Impulse responses for the integrated convolution effect, surround effects, and more

Words simply can't describe how many tons this gorilla weighs. Okay,
okay, Native, we want it. We really, really, really want it. We'll buy
a new hard drive to fit these 15GB of samples. We're wiping drool off
the keyboard right now.

Stay tuned for the release details.