Live 4.1 may have introduced Ableton's new Operator synth,
but 4.1.1 looks like it contains just as many bug fixes and
improvements — obesssive release notes are available on the Ableton forum.

Here's the big one: if you don't want Operator, you can now hide it
from the instruments list. (In 4.1 the Operator appeared even if you
hadn't purchased it and switched to demo mode if activated.)

If you're happily using Operator, as I am, here's what else is new:

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Changes to Operator parameter modulation to fix MIDI controller
    issues (meaning you better go grab this before you spend too much time
    with Operator envelopes)
  • ReWire, recording improvements
  • Sidechaining VST plugins no longer crash
  • OS X: Various VST, AU stability and performance improvements
  • OS X: Startup fix on 10.4

Wait a minute, what was that about Mac OS X 10.4? (Anyone else experiencing Tiger anticipation?)

CDM doesn't normally post bug fixes, but Live is a fantastic program
that often doesn't get enough credit as a VST/AU/DX host. The Abletons
keep hacking away at it making it better.