Happiness is a 4×4 grid of buttons. Why should Akai owners
have all the fun? Add Ableton Live, and life is good: tap away drum
beats with your fingers, trigger samples, and (perfect for Live)
trigger audio and MIDI patterns and loops.

M-Audio's new Trigger Finger should cost around US$199 and features: (see original story and extended info from Gearjunkies.com)

  • 16 pads (4×4, a la Akai)
  • 8 knobs
  • 4 faders
  • LCD
  • USB, class-compliant (no drivers needed)
  • Ableton Live Lite included (what, you're still not using Live?)
  • Totally programmable and pre-configured for Live, Reason, iDrum

Cost: US$199
Compatibility: Mac/Win
Available: Someday soon (we'll get back to you on that!)

Music Thing's Tom is still allergic to plastic, so he claims this is 10% as sexy as an Akai. I would like to observe it's also 10% as expensive, making it 100% sexier. To say nothing of significantly lighter.

Trigger Finger, color us 100% ready to use this with Live. I'll make
myself look like garish silver plastic to match if I have to.

Bonus: Akai Alert Watch! For the record, you can add this device to the new retro-style Akai MPC-1000 (see also original), Korg Kaptivator VJ device AND Kontrol 49 keyboard, raising CDM's official Akai Alert Level to ELEVATED – HIGH RISK OF 4×4 TRIGGERING – CODE PLAID. Better start building up calluses on your trigger finger!)