While we're on the subject of theremins,
sure, you could build one yourself — this is one of the single most
popular DIY electronic projects of all time — but would you feel like
a pro "gigging musician"? Bob Moog, who cut his teeth building
theremins before he'd even thought of building modular synthesizers,
has built the Rolls of theremins with the EtherWave Pro (see Theremin
World for a review plus photos and info.)
With line-level output, dedicated tuner in, and removable antennas for
easy transport, this is simply the most gorgeous theremin ever. Luxury
always has a price: US$1495.

Just anxious to hone your technique? Carolina Eyck is working on a book for later this year, reports Theremin World, though you'll want to be able to read German.

It may be worth the effort though: getting close to its one hundredth
birthday, the first popular electronic instrument may survive newcomers
like the HP DJammer.