Lyndsay Williams (an electronic pioneer herself, with early
PC audio and gigs with Pioneer and the company that became Evolution)
writes us to point out that New Scientist has a three-way interview with Bob Moog, Peter Vogel (of Fairlight fame) and Dave Smith.

Much of this you've heard before, though you may not know:

  • Bob Moog is Chief Technical Kahuna at Moog Music — "magician."
  • Peter Vogel wants to liberate you from TV ads: The creator
    of the Fairlight CMI has just launched an Intelligent Content Engine to
    automatically remove ads from your PVR. Peter, don't try this here in
    the US; Time Warner's attack dogs will eat you.
  • Dave Smith's cell phone invention: The 'father of MIDI' notes that computers and cell phones have dwarfed the use of MIDI on actual instruments.

One gripe: saying Peter Vogel "invented sampling" is an overstatement. Vogel's work was roughly concurrent with the Synclavier
development at Dartmouth; Vogel appears to have started earlier though
the Synclavier shipped first. Though, yes, the Stanford computers did
take about 10 minutes to churn out a note.