What? Can't pop by London on March 26 for the "it" digital DJ
club party? Here in the untamed colonies, you can still get your
iPod-DJing action: Playlist is coming to Philadelphia.
Head over to The Khyber (2nd and Chestnut) Monday, March 28 for the
free party, and get your digital DJing skills judged by Philadelphia
Weekly's music critic Doug Wallen.

As digital DJ parties begin their meme-like spread around the world (karaoke without the tone-deaf crooning?), we asked the London Playlist's Johnny Rockit what's the preferred gear of choice.

"We use gold-tipped digital audio cables directly into the
house mixing desk, we don't use any of the tasty digital DJ kit that's
available – though it may be worth adding that we will happily live
test such equipment, if manufacturers want a review on our site of
their kit's performance in a live environment. We create the forum to
really test their gadgets, and know exactly what we need. So – if they
are confident in their products, they should get in contact.

"To be honest, we've found that using two 'Pods and the mixer still
works in a live environment. DJ Lisa Rocket played her tunes at a West
End club (not Playlist) on Friday (she goes out on her own account).
She's very good at picking tunes, and managed to get 140 people with
their arms in the air, dancing and singing along. It was a great buzz."

Put your hands in the air, Pod People. (Just make sure I don't get to
an iPod, or Zappa's Suzy Creamcheese might clear out the room.)