New Yorker "imagineer and visualnaut" Melissa Ulto, aka VJ Miixxy, is interviewed by Vidvox,
developers of GRID and VDMX VJ software. Melissa chats about her latest
gigs (Museum of Modern Art, Madame Tassauds Wax Museum, Broadway, The
Ramones, and a Pilates vid for MTV enough variety for you?), and her
dreamy rig: Edirol V4s, Canon video cams, and of course Vixvox's GRID. (If you can't afford all that, GRID2 is just US$75 for Windows and Mac!)

Mixxy is working on a documentary on VJing; stay tuned here and we'll bring you news once that's out.

If you're in NYC tonight, Mixxy is playing Eyewash downtown
along with other fine folks. You might even see me, if we're both brave
enough to risk going out in this freakish late-March snow-and-sleet