Well, it's another gripping poll going here at CDM headquarters. Here are the stats so far:

  • Guitars are beating keyboards, 46% to 35%.
  • None of you plays the kazoo as your primary instrument.
  • This site has 26 readers. (meaning, based on our server logs, a sampler error margin of about 5,000%)

Now, obviously, none of that can possibly be true. Yeah, yeah,
everybody is a winner with music. Whatever. So please: let's get a
little competitive, and vote early, vote often to skew the results
toward your instrument. Sorry, guitarists, but I can't write for Keyboard Magazine and watch guitarists win. I'm pulling for the pyrophone.

It's almost as though no one noticed you can vote more than once for this poll.

The poll can be found on the homepage. If you see a category I missed (okay, almost all of them) feel free to elaborate on 'other' here in comments.