fREQ: Free Drawing, Shadow-Based Instrument

Not new, but worth mentioning: fREQ is a project exploring the conversion of drawn waveforms into sound: visual waveforms control a drone in real-time. You can download a free mouse and keyboard version (PC only). That's fun, but the installation version (first shown about a year ago) is cooler: it takes an outline of the […]

DIY Drum Triggers from Practice Pads

MIDI drum kits are cool again. But buying them? That's boring. Build them instead. Handy musician Nathaniel Andrew has step-by-step instructions for building DIY drum triggers on the cheap. (via audioserve) You'll need to score yourself some cheap Remo practice pads, and there is a little bit of hard work, though nothing impossible. Nathaniel claims […]

Peter Kirn - April 5, 2005

If Aliens Decoded Vinyl Digitally

Continuing the 'oldie but goodie' links for today is the 'virtual gramophone / digital needle'. (via audioserve) This is practically ancient, 2002, but I hadn't seen it, and it's hilarious. Ofer Springer pretends never to have seen vinyl records before and treats them as "archeology," trying to reconstruct the means of recording turntables using a […]

Peter Kirn - April 5, 2005

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