You the readers remain my best resource, so here goes:

What are your favorite tools for recording audio from applications that don’t have a recording/render-to-disk facility?

I’ve been stunned when I’ve seen Windows users suggest that you wire up a recorder, bounce out through the analog outs on the computer, and then re-record. Nonsense! On the Mac, we have four great options:

  • $$: Use Ambrosia’s WireTap Pro
  • $$: Use Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack (my favorite option)
  • FREE: Route audio from app to app with Jack (also possible on Linux)
  • FREE: Route audio from app to app with Cycling 74’s Soundflower

  • Much of this trickery is possible thanks to the Mac’s Core Audio — since all audio runs through Core Audio, recording is simple. But I know there are similar, if slightly less impressive, hooks on Windows. So why can’t I figure out a good way to record audio from a Windows app?

    Suggestions? Which apps do you use? (My current setup is Audio Hijack + Soundflower on the Mac)