At home or on the gig, it's a problem: where do you put all
your toys? Most clubs, from avant-garde to hip, don't seem to know what
to do with performers who work with laptops and technology. And, then,
at home, if you've managed not to alienate your significant other yet,
he or she will probably be much happier if you don't have gear
sprawling all over the flat (not to mention, you'll actually be able to

CDM has an ongoing hunt for solutions. The latest find is the superb custom DJ furniture from Sefour.
There's permanent kit for vinyl and decks, plus folding stands that
clear out of the way. Victoria Willis from Allen & Heath tells me
they made use of the folding X25 DJ stand (outfitted with optional CD
bracket) for their Xone:3D laptop rig.

Looks fantastic, especially if you're mixing vinyl and laptop, but
still begs the question: why doesn't anyone make a rack with a keyboard
stand, optional music stand, and laptop attachment?