As readers pointed out, I got things a bit wrong on what Trent Reznor uses in the studio: it’s not a matter of Pro Tools OR Logic. It’s Pro Tools AND Logic AND Reaktor and Absynth and Traktor and GRM Tools and three Macs and three interfaces (with high-end HD Digi hardware) and a Minimoog and a Nord and Alesis and, who knows, probably a giraffe who can produce phat lead sounds with his baritone voice.

Given that, it may surprise (and refresh) you to hear that Mr. Reznor thinks that it’s not about the tools. In Stephanie Jorgi’s superb 4-page interview with him on, Reznor warns that the danger of lots of tech is that “it’s easier to make perfect, polished music” — music that could be ultimately “boring.” All those toys and tools for him are, not surprisingly, just a way to find dangerous and spontaneous, human parts of the music.

So what are you waiting for? Add some banjo to the new single. (And have a look at the great Audiohead site for some great interviews and reviews — thanks for the links, gang.)