Keeping up with acquisitions these days is darn near impossible. We wake up this morning, and Adobe has acquired Macromedia.
A few humble suggestions from the digital music / interactivity / VJ
side of things (and, no, one of them is NOT "bring back SoundEdit" —
you'd be amazed how many times I hear that, weirdly):

  • Kill Director, PLEASE. What we need is Flash that's more
    interactive, not two programs with slightly overlapping capabilities.
    In fact, what we really need is for you to
  • Add MIDI to Flash. Why this wasn't added natively to Director or Flash eons ago is beyond me. It's time. Can it really be that hard, Adocrodobia?
  • Add OSC to Flash. If anyone could back the OpenSoundControl initiative, it's Madocromedibe; flosc is a decent start. (OSC is a networked-based successor to MIDI and oh so much more.)
  • Beef up Flash Video. Flash could be the ultimate
    interactive – programmable – live audio – live video system, with some
    development resources. Imagine a Flash – After Effects love child.
    Okay, probably not going to happen.

So, come on, Acrododia. You have competitors for every product
except Flash and Director (right?), so that's where we'll be expecting
the action. Don't let us down.

Don't believe Flash could be relevant to music? Check out the insane beat/looping Web app Beaterator.