There's nothing quite like a 3-way. I reviewed Steinberg
Cubase SX 3.01, Apple Logic Pro 7.01, and MOTU Digital Performer 4.52
for; read the complete review and conclusions.

Of course, a really fair comparison of all-purpose DAW software would
be more like Cubase vs. Logic vs. DP vs. Cakewalk SONAR vs. Ableton
Live vs. Mackie Tracktion vs. Digidesign Pro Tools LE vs. Steinberg
Nuendo vs. Pro Tools TDM vs. . . . but any reviewer's head
would immediately explode if they had to do that. Even with just three
products, the complexity and nuance of each has to wrangle with limited
word counts. These are all deep products.

That said, there are some conclusions here in terms of how these
compare. I won't spoil the ending — go check it out. And since doesn't have comments, you can conveniently flame me here.