No major new products from Windows developer Cakewalk — that came in January at NAMM — but worth mentioning:

TAKE THAT, DIGIDESIGN: Audio and MIDI production environment SONAR LE will now be bundled with Edirol
hardware. Windows users, this means some serious value with Edirol
keyboards and audio interfaces. LE is no crippleware: 24-bit / 192 kHz
recording, 14 audio effects / 4 MIDI effects, bundles two DX soft
synths, 64 audio and 256 MIDI tracks, drum editing, notation, ReWire,
DirectX, VST.

With support for 15 UA/UM audio and MIDI interfaces, SD sound modules,
and PCR keyboards, that's quite a lot more support than Digi just gave
to Pro Tools LE and M-Audio (no bundle, separate purchase, only 6
interfaces supported.

PROJECT5 DAY: April 21 is the highly-anticipated release date for Cakewalk's new Project5 v2
synth host and production workstation. This completely rethinks the
original product, with a new sampling synth, real-time optimizations
for performance, arpeggiators, loop reconstruction, filtering, and
plenty of synthesis.

And SONAR speaks Spanish.