Sure, Edirol's fascinating new CG-8 video synthesizer,
due in July, costs a whopping US$5295 — enough to make most of you
(and us) to lose interest until we find a higher paying job (see our story and follow-up and more follow-up with sticker shock).

That doesn't mean that:

  1. this gear isn't really cool to dream about, and, more importantly that
  2. being sad about the price should keep us from having fun watching engineers dance.

"What you say?" says you? Why, it's Edirol's promised video footage
of the CG-8 launch party at Frankfurt's Cocoon Club. Aside from visuals
that are just tantalizing enough to intrigue while not nearly clear
enough to have any idea what the CG-8 actually does, one of the VJs is CG-8 lead engineer Kazuki Yoshimura. If the few seconds of him doing some strange punching dance
and "I've got soul!" air waving gets you as excited as it does me,
you'll be first in line to sign up for the free DVD Edirol is
promising. (I think SOME of the hand waving involves the infrared
sensors . . . I think.)

Wave your hands in front of the DVD and pretend you can buy this. Don't mind me, I'm writing some grant applications.