Now in public beta (form required) but launching in August,
is an ambitious one-stop-shop for online collaboration. No, it's not
just new-fangled live collaboration; it's the whole package:

  • Interactive VST collaboration: Send audio and MIDI via a
    VST 2.0 plugin live to and from anywhere, with high-quality audio (256
    kb MP3 max, stereo), on both Mac and PC. Sample-accurate timing. (How
    they've pulled this off, we have no idea!)
  • Video conferencing: Video chat with your collaborator.
    "Give tips, advice, and coach your partner" they say — as in "dude,
    you're dragging, and your bass playing sucks!"?
  • Personal homepage / promotions: Photos, demo songs, and info on you and your projects on your personal homepage.
  • Define buddies/collaborators
  • Huge inbox: Send big files without an FTP client.

Subscription required. This looks promising — now we have to see how well it works and what it'll cost.