Want to go Sasha one better and customize your own modular control surface for all of your software? The Mawzer gives new meaning to the term plug and play.
You start with a simple backplane and plug in various modules such as
faders, buttons, and knobs, assign MIDI controls and you're good to go.
Even better is the ability to tear down and reconfigure the surface
as needed. Enclosed in a flight-case, the Mawzer looks rugged enough
for gigging. Cost of entry is high at around $700 for the backplane,
while individual modules range from $30 to $180 for an X-Y touchpad
controller. Works via MIDI and USB. Expect it in the second quarter of this year.

Ed: We'll dig up some more on this very cool box as soon as we can — working on better photos,
for one. If you're not afraid of some actual building, you might consider
alternative products like Midibox (link | CDM story), or Doepfer (link | CDM story). But unlike those solutions, with the Mawzer you can change your mind and easily rearrange your surface.