This is no VJ mixer. The Edirol CG-8 is a high-res 3D motion graphic synthesizer, taking synthesis concepts from audio and applying them to video.

  • Integrate with music: You can use audio to trigger video
    live, with VLINK/MIDI connections for further music integration,
    especially tight integration with Roland and Edirol gear.
  • Sample motion: Grab video for instant recording/resampling.
  • XY and drum pad triggers plus dual infra-red D-beam for control and triggering
  • Work from still images with photo and stamp effects and real-time overlaying of titles and graphics
  • Modulation: Borrowing from the concept of modulation in synthesis, you can modify images in real-time, apparently even beat-synced
  • 640×480 VGA resolution

Strange, but interesting. This is clearly geared automatically
integrating with music — VJ gear is increasingly shifting towards the
music market. No price/availability yet. Stay tuned.