Prefer the "a la carte" approach to virtual amps/effects for your guitar to the "all you can eat buffet" bundle? Native Instruments' new Guitar Combos series will offer three amp models with effects:

  • Twang Combo: models Fender Twin Reverb
  • AC Box Combo: models Vox AC-30
  • Plexi Combo: models Marshall JMP50

Each features cabinet emulation with one mic model (modeling the mic
that's recording the amp, that is!), amp effects like spring reverbs
and distortion pedal, plus a tuner, noise gate, and limiter. Standalone
and plug-in modes for every formats on Windows and Mac (VST, AU, RTAS,
DX, ASIO, Core Audio, Direct Sound).

Individual: US$79 each (EUR69)
Bundle: All three for US$199 (EUR179)

All in all, a good deal — though, depending on your needs, IK Multimedia's AmpliTube Live
could be a better value, with three amp models (clean / crunch / lead)
and three cabinets (open / British / vintage closed) plus effects for
just US$99/EUR99. IK also
gives you standalone and plug-in versions. Best bet: try them out, see which sound you prefer.

Guitar versus keyboard update: In case you haven't been watching, after a brief lead early, keyboards pulled out ahead of guitars in the CDM instrument poll. Guitarists, care to even the score?