We've replaced the default RSS feed, which had formatting
issues as many of you have observed, with a new feed that includes live
links and HTML formatting (though for photos and commenting, of course,
hit the actual site!). Please update your links (default RSS 1.0 feed):


For RSS 2.0, Atom, OPML, etc., you'll find multiple formats in the new RSS Module on the right-hand side of the site.

Mambo geeks, you'll be interested to know that I'm using a slightly-modified version of the awesome RSSXT which now also powers our friends at plasq; happy to give you tips if you're trying to fix some similar problems on your site!

To everyone, many, many thanks for your patience in waiting for this.
Now I just have to work on adding images and some other CDM site
improvements. (Contact me if you want to help out!)

I will keep the old feed active.