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Software and hardware compatibility

Incompatible hardware: A Macfixit report suggests ill-behaved drivers (one suspected M-Audio driver mentioned) may cause startup/shutdown problems.

Upgrade instead of clean install? Native Instruments suggests choosing the “Upgrade installation” option when installing to maintain product authorizations. (Clean installs require software to be re-authorized.) This has been true of other products in the past, too, though clean installs can help optimize your system, so it may be worth re-authorizing. (You may want to de-authorize software first.)

Apple: While Logic Pro 7.1 upgrades are beginning to ship, Logic 7.01 appears compatible with Tiger.

MOTU hardware and software: MOTU has a full
on Tiger compatibility. You’ll want to make sure your drivers and apps are up-to-date, but all of MOTU’s hardware and software are ready for Tiger. (MX4 users will want the free 2.0 upgrade for compatibility; Mach Five is the one caveat as the beta for Tiger currently lacks Logic support.)

Edirol hardware Edirol has a slew of driver updates; Tiger support press release is on Harmony Central

M-Audio reader reports: Reader reports on M-Audio hardware compatibility have been mixed. So far: Ozone, Delta 1010 work; Transmit does not. FireWire 410 works for most (possibly not all), whereas the Audiophile is not working for some, actually working more reliably for others! Let us know how your hardware does! (see one reader report encountering problems with the Audiophile, and positive reports on the Audiophile and 410.)

Official M-Audio status: M-audio says: “We are currently verifying compatibility of our hardware with Apple’s new Tiger operating system. No device manufacturer can predict the compatibility of their hardware with a new OS until the final version has been released. We value your time and user experience, and want to ensure that our Tiger drivers are as robust as possible before providing them for download. We thank you for your patience while we verify these drivers, and we will post them shortly.”

Ableton Live: Ableton Live 4.11/4.12 and later are compatible with Tiger.

Native Instruments: NI software is largely compatible with Tiger, with the exception of Final Scratch 1.x (2.x and later required). FS, Traktor, and Komplete require small updates; all NI software will retain authorization if you choose “Upgrade” as your installation option. See NI’s compatibility page.

Max/MSP – Jitter: Cycling 74’s Max/MSP and Jitter work with Tiger according to our reports; simply click through a message that warns you PACE extensions need to be installed and all works. (based on multiple reader reports)

Digidesign: UPDATED: Pro Tools TDM 6.9.2 adds Tiger compatibility for HD systems; users of LE and M-Powered are awaiting an update of their own. Digidesign tells CDM the best place to watch for updates is the official Digidesign compatibility page.

DSP Hardware (UAD/PowerCore): TC Electronics’ PowerCore platform appears to work with Tiger (no update needed), while the Universal Audio UAD-1 appears not to, according to reader reports. (unconfirmed)

BIAS: MacMusic reports current releases of SoundSoap / SS Pro are Tiger-ready, while Deck and Peak await free updates in May (though readers report some luck running those as-is).

Korg: Korg has updated its Legacy Collection and MDE-X plug-ins (the latter were part of the microKORG bundle); download from the Korg user site. (via Harmony Central)

WaveArts: WaveArts has updated their plugins for Logic 7.1/Tiger AU validation (via KVRaudio)

Audio Hijack: Version 2.5 adds Tiger compatibility and a whole mess of other features including AppleScripting, radio tuner support, and new mixing capabilities (see press release)

Copy protection: PACE copy protection, which underlies the anti-piracy measures of many Mac music apps, is up-to-date for Tiger; the new PACE extensions should be installed automatically if you need them. (Obviously, you’ll still have to check that your software of choice is ready.)

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