While we're looking at cool interfaces and video hardware this week, we can't miss Pioneer's DVJ-X1
digital video turntable. The DVJ-X1 has been out for about a year, but
in case you missed it, this amazing virtual turntable spins
high-quality video and audio simultaneously. DJ Eldorado got his hands
on it at the Winter Music Conference — and watched the pros show it off. Click read more for the whole story. -PK

(see CDM's full WMC coverage for more on this electronic music & technology fiesta)

Being an up-and-coming DJ it's hard to ignore the benefits of
'spinning' digital tunes. Hard to find tracks, compilations and MP3 CDs
will tempt even for a vinyl purist. At Winter Music Conference (WMC)
2004 I got hooked on the CDJ-800 CD turntable while playing with it in
the Pioneer tent, so much so that I had to buy one.

This year it was the Pioneer DVJ-X1, the world's first DVD turntable,
that caught my eye. The Pioneer DVJ-X1 provides seamless video and
audio mixing simultaneously. I took a pair for a spin at the Pioneer
tent at Ultra Music Festival (UMF) 2005 in Miami and am happy to report
that this machine is deadly! Not only can you spin CDs packed with MP3s
and scratch them like vinyl but you can now spin, scratch and mix a DVD
of movies or video clips – morphing your into an instant VJ. They
DVJ-X1 platter feels exactly like platter on the CDJ-800 that I'm used
to and looks almost the same with the exception of the stealth black

Being a student of the CDJ-800 CD turntable I want to focus on what's
different about the DVJ-X1. First it plays several more media types
than the CDJ-800, namely MP3 files and MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoded video
popularized in the form of commercial DVDs. The DVJ-X1 allows you to do
real-time digital video scratches, loops and instant cues.

Other bells include: Hot Cues (memorize up to three points per disc),
Instant Reverse and Real Time Seamless Loops. As a bonus you can save
all your wave data, cue and loop points and image thumbnails (for DVD
memory points) to an SD card.

The DVJ-X1 gives the digital DJ the ability to spin music or movies
which could be output to a video screen or plasma wall over the dance
floor. DJs are busy enough perfecting their craft that they not be
interested in the video side of the business, but if you're into video
AND DJing, then this is the piece of hardware for you.

According to Pioneer, the DVJ-X1 retails for US$3,200.

In action at WMC

DJ Lars from MTV Real World rocked the Pioneer DVD Turntables at the
Remix Hotel at WMC 2005. Mixing and scratching videos effortlessly, the
Teutonic mixmaster demonstrated the next generation of essential DJ

James Zabiela demo'd the Pioneer DVJ-X1's in the WMC 2005 Audio Lab Thursday March 24th.