Silliest. Interface. Ever.

Well, sure, we’ve seen instrument interfaces with difficult-to-discern controls and labels — my favorite labeling being on the Buchla synth’s Pizza Synth 1.0:

  • Tomato, cheese, onion, and banana . . . sliders? (Mmm, pizza with extra banana . . .)

  • Beer ADSR envelopes? (yeah, that was a little weak . . . let’s see, Anchovies, Doughnuts, Sardines, Radishes?)

  • Shape balance? (I prefer deep-dish, thank you.)

  • Fire and salt effects. (What, no hot peppers?
  • The whole thing will cost less than a real pizza, at US$5. Here’s the big surprise: the thing actually sounds really cool, especially if you’re into low-fi synthy textures; check the MP3s on the site. Windows VST only. So, hey, my present to my Mac is Tiger, my present to my PC is Pizza Synth. Now can I use it without getting hungry? (thanks, kvraudio)